Remember who you are...

There comes a time in life when we begin to question everything - our life, its meaning and even who we are.


Sometimes this happens after a single event or as a result of a series of happenings.  And then there are times when there doesn't seem to be a cause at all...

Whatever the factors, the sense of loss and lack of joy that follows can seep into every aspect of life.  There may seem a pressure to just get on; to pretend that everything is fine.  Maybe an urge presents itself to make some changes and shake things up - a new job, exciting romantic encounters, retail therapy or even a change in location.  But the sensation of heaviness soon returns... and there in the background it stays....waiting...


During these times it is invaluable to have a neutral space to simply be as you are in that moment.  And then to talk without fear of judgement to someone who has been there too, and who will travel with you on the journey through what 'is' and towards what may be.

Karen Rawden 

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