psy¦che (verb) The human soul, mind, or spirit.

synonyms: soul · spirit · (inner) self · innermost self · (inner) ego ·

syn|the¦size (verb) To combine (a number of things) into a coherent whole.
synonyms: amalgamate · merge · unite · integrate, harmonise

Psychosynthesis is a model of transpersonal psychology often referred to as “soul work” which considers the spiritual nature of a person that can be overlooked in traditional psychology.  

It does not regard the person as damaged or unwell, but that through trying to survive life, has become fragmented and distanced from their essence - their real self. 

Psychosynthesis looks at the whole person and treats by uniting all aspects of the self – emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual to heal painful histories and get back in touch with the person you truly are, and to discover all that you may be. 

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Toy Plane

“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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