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Personal Integrity, Inner Values and the Essence of 'You'

We can have all the awareness in the world and might have already undergone years of therapy. Yet without mastery we can remain locked into a cycle of patterns, going round and round without any end. 

Psychosynthesis Psychology puts great emphasis on the power of our will and how we can align it to our inner values - those things that are really important to us, the best part of us and that which makes us who we are.  We are born with these values intact, but through life might have been taught not to listen to them. 

This is not the traditional definition of Victorian 'strong will' often over another, but a new meaning which forms its basis through aligning our motivation with our inner integrity.

It is through learning from the past and developing a relationship with our inner self that we can utilise our will to move us into a new future away from self-defeating patterns of survival and towards the person we were born to be.

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